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About this project

Our inner conversations are always at play. They happen everywhere. Within ourselves as well as with those and that which is around us. Sometimes if you stop and listen you may hear them. Sometimes when you stop and look you may see them. They may nudge us into action or simply clear a messy path. They are always there.

This book shares glimpses of that which remains open. Of a conversation that can take place in our everyday mind, or maybe a collective mind. Where the thoughts of those caught in that moment become the blurred edges of someone, something. Where we create new shades to the world we see in front of us. 

This book is a collaboration between Photographer Daniele Ratti and dress collector Amanda Curtis. The duo has first met by chance in Ulaanbaatar in 2007 and have since made a series of photo collaborations. These collaborations normally take place under spontaneous circumstances where space is left for the unexpected to take place and for time to breathe a little. Nothing is decided in advance. And so it was on this particular day when they met again for a few hours in the small village in Spain where Amanda lives. The result, this book gives a voice to the players which were involved in that moment;  the woman, the man and his camera and the walls around them. The layout allows the reader to decide themselves, who is who and what is what as their own story unfolds. 

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The book is a mixture between traditional book printing craft and modern digital technique at Archiviotipografico in Torino who works to preserve the traditional crafts of book printing.